Youtube Creator Grants


Inspire & Influence grants programme

Our Youtube grants programme – Inspire & Influence – is open again with some major changes. You can now apply for grants if you reside overseas.

You need to be aged between 10 and 16 inclusive to apply for one of our Youtuber creator grants. For bands or groups who want to apply then at least 50% of the members of the group needs to be within the age limits.

The video needs to be a christian music video which adheres to sound biblical principles and reflects well on the christian faith. 

We no longer have deadlines for grants as the new programme is a rolling programme and funds will be dispersed depending on how much is currently available in the ‘grant pot’. We do not fund the full cost of a video and only make a minor contribution towards the cost. At most, we will only fund 25% of a video cost.

The amount we will contribute will depend on our previous funding relationships and also on the current state of your Youtube channel content. It is highly unlikely that we will offer any grants to Youtube channels with no previous history of publishing christian music videos. Als0 the amount of donation we offer will depend on our previous history, so new applicants are unlikely to receive more than £100 on the first application.

To apply for a grant send us a few details in the form below. We need to know things like a quick outline of the video you want to produce, the total cost of the video, your Youtube channel, your country of residence.

You video outline should be within 500 to 750 words and include what you want to do and how you aim to achieve it. It should also include details of how you aim to fund the project and the completion date of the project.

Grant application review process:

Initially, all grants are reviewed to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements of the application. 

The short-listed applicants are contacted to provide fuller details and to complete the guardian or parents permission form. Once these details are received the panel of members will take a closer look at the proposals and costing and with advice from leaders decide on the projects that they want to contribute towards.

We are a non-denominational organisation so applicants are welcome from any christian church and denomination. 

The number of grants is very limited and you have the best option for success if you have an active YouTube channel. The number of followers you have will no part in our decision as we are looking for potential and helping those who don’t have the resources that many other established Youtubers may have.

The first stage to apply is to fill in the form below.



Do I need a minimum number of Youtube subscribers to apply?

No, an active Youtube channel is required with a history of content but the number of subscribers is not important. We want to help you to develop your skills in music and broadcast.

Are you only looking to fund ‘viral’ videos?

No, the number of views of a video we fund does not make a difference to whether we will fund another video nor are there any view targets or subscriber targets you need to meet. We want to provide resources to help you develop your skills as a musician and Youtuber. We are not looking for ‘commercially successful’ videos.

I’m a christian but my planned music video is not a christian song, will you help?

No, we can not help you. As a christian funder, our policies only allow us to fund christian music videos. That said we will also fund christian spoken word / poetry videos.

Is there any restrictions on what church I go to for a grant?

No, the Bible tells us that to be saved you need to believe in Jesus as the Son of God and be baptised (Mark 16:16). If your church/denomination believes that Jesus is the only true way to salvation and is the one and only Son of God then we consider you to be part of the family of Christ.

Do I need to acknowledge the grant in my video?

No, you do not need to put any sponsorship details or grant details on your video. However, you should ensure that the video is public and allow for embedding so we and others can share the video on websites. We can not help if you plan on restricting the embed or share feature of the video. We can also not help if you plan on making the video private.

How do I receive the grant?

All grants are only paid into a verified Paypal account. We do not pay in any other way. Grants are paid into that account in GBP and any transaction and exchange rates are dealt with at your Paypal account level.

What can I spend the grant on?

We’re fairly flexible on that. It can be used towards the cost of a video production, equipment or some training. It’s for you to tell us how the grant will improve your channel and promote the Word of God on Youtube.