Young Christian Songwriter 2018

No video has been submitted for the contest. Be first!

Main rules and entry requirements

Welcome to our fun competition for young christian songwriters. If you are a young musician and want to enter then these are the rules. 


The competition focuses on the lyrics of the song so don't worry if you can not write music. The person who writes the lyrics must be aged between 10 and 16 inclusive on the day that the competition closes (30th May 2018). This means of you need help with writing the music or arranging the song you can get help. But the lyrics must be written by someone in the age group.


The song must be christian themed and provides a positive and encouraging message. Consider the age group we are involved with when choosing words. We reserve the right to refuse entry to songs containing inappropriate language or subject matter. All entries should have song lyrics sung and written in English language.

Song length:

The song should be between 3 and 4 minutes in length.

Entry submission:

You should upload your song to Youtube and then submit the url to the entry form on this page. Ensure that you include the lyrics to the song in the form description. When you complete the application form you will need to provide your date of birth for age verification, city and country. You do  not need to provide any further details to enter. Ensure you have permission from your parents to enter the competition.

Dates for entry:

You can submit your Youtube entries from 2nd April until 30th April.


Voting opens on 1st May 2018 and closes on 30th May. Visitors to Raising Noise will be to vote once every 24 hours for the song of their choice.


There will be some small prizes of Amazon vouchers for winners equivalent to £100 in their local Amazon country website. 

More details will be added as they become finalised.