Donate to our youth worship ministry

There are a number of ways in which you can donate to the work of Raising Noise and its ministry of supporting children and young people in developing the worship leadership skills:

Become a Patron: patrons are our most valued supporters with their regular contributions. The funds from the Patron appeal are used to help train and equip future generations of worship leaders and contemporary Christian music performers. The funds from our Patrons can be used to help boost our grants programme to young performers. These grants can help them improve their skills and also help them purchase essential equipment to improve their ministry, in particular their YouTube channels.

Funds from the Patrons appeal also help us to provide free places on our workshops and training sessions for children and young people who may not otherwise be able to afford to attend.


Find out more about our Patron scheme.

Fund our building project: We have lots of plans to develop a centre of excellence for training and equipping future generations of leaders but are currently held back through a lack of a building. We can complete some of our project by hiring rooms as needed but this is very limiting on what we want to achieve. Our aim is to purchase a suitable building and developing into a Christian performing arts centre. This will include;

  • having a stage area where we can put on Christian concerts and events,
  • a community recording studio to allow new Christian artists to record music at low cost in a professional environment,
  • rooms for workshops and training to help young people to develop their skills
  • online broadcast studio for online TV and radio aimed at showcasing young talent in the Christian music scene
  • workshop and small shop for our trading arm of B-Brave design

Read more and donate to our performing arts centre appeal.

General funds appeal: this is self-explanatory, our general funds appeal allow us to use the funds raised as we want and need. A contribution to this fund can be quite powerful as many grant giving foundations and organisations often require an applicant to have a percentage of money available themselves.

Our general appeal funds of ‘unrestricted’ money can be used to leverage up to 10 times in value for specified one-off projects. Our general funds appeal also helps to contribute towards our core running costs, though most of these essential costs are now being met from our trading activities in the shop.


Off-line Donations:

We are always happy to accept off-line donations. Make a cheque payable to: Raising Noise and mark on the back of the cheque which fund you would like the donation to be used for. Then send it by post to:

Kevin Heath,
Flat 1,
53a Cross Street,
NP7 5EU.

There are many other ways that you can help support the ministry of Raising Noise as it reaches out to young people between 10 and 15 years of age. 

Pray for us

Our ministry was founded on prayer and prayer is still the foundation on which we build and expand on our work. We believe that prayer works and produces results. We would love you to join us in praying for the work of the ministry and the expansion of God’s family as we reach into the hearts of young people.

You can never have too few people praying for a subject or ministry and we welcome your prayers from afar.

Buy from our shop

We have a growing number of Christian gifts and items in our shop. Designed with Christian themes these products provide profits which help to meet the ongoing weekly costs that arise from any ministry work. 10% of all our profits are released to churches working with refugees in areas of conflict and disaster.

Legacy gift.

A legacy gift can be a major boost to our long-term planning especially as a help towards our building fund. If you’d like to leave an investment for future worship generations and the work of our ministry in helping to expand on the family of Christ please contact us for more details.