Statement of Faith

What we believe in at Raising Noise


As a house church and a christian youth ministry we have often been asked what we believe in. This is the foundation of our belief and our Statement of Faith.

As the world continually changes and takes on new ideas this Statement of Faith will be updated to provide what we consider to be a sound foundation after study of the Bible.

Statement of Faith

We believe the Bible is the true and unerring Word of God. It is trustworthy and infallible, offering a peaceful and joyful way of living for those who believe in it.

We believe that the words spoken by Jesus in the bible takes precedence over other writings contained in the Bible and provides a guide to dealing with present situations.

We believe that new discoveries dating back to the times of Jesus and very early christian writings can be important and useful tools in studying the message of the Bible.

We believe in the God-head. We, ultimately, believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are separate entities but working together in unison with God the Father at its head.

We believe that everything and everyone was created by God and before God there was nothing.

We believe that Jesus was born of a Virgin in order to become the eternal sacrifice for our sins.

We believe that Jesus was resurrected from the grave as evidence of His power over death and sin.

We believe that salvation is through belief in Jesus and baptism.

We believe that sin comes from personal choices and is not a natural state for humans. We do not recognise the concept of original sin of Adam and Eve being part of everyone of us.

We believe that salvation comes from Jesus but that we have a responsibility to live out our faith through doing good works.

We believe that the Holy Spirit operates today in those who accept Jesus Christ. It reveals itself in a number of ways and gifts. It aids study and interpretations of the Bible, helps us in prayer and strengthens us in difficult circumstances.

We believe that all people who recognise Jesus as their Saviour is part of the family of Christ. We believe that the Blood of Christ is more powerful than individual church doctrines and church traditions which are formed by humans.

We believe that the world is on a journey to distance itself further from God. As a church and ministry we believe our task is to offer an alternative way. It is not our job to force our beliefs on people through laws and regulations.  We believe that a christian life is through free choice.


We often get asked questions and invariably the same three topics come up most frequently. Here are our beliefs on these topics.

We believe in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception. We do not accept the concept of abortion as a convenient means of contraception. We are not against contraception or birth control. However, we believe there are better and more effective ways than taking the life of a child.

We believe that God created us in the way that He wants us to live out our lives. We do not believe that God made a mistake in the body that He placed us in at conception. As such, as a ministry and church, we only recognise the gender at birth as being the correct gender for the person.

We believe that a marriage in the eyes of God consists of a lifetime partnership between a man and a woman. We believe this creates the best foundation for a child to live and grow up in. This  does not mean that we are against same-sex marriage. Marriage is not just confined to the christian faith, it is common in all the main religions, belief systems and secular society. Each has it's own ideals of what marriage is and what it consists of. For our ministry we choose to take the ideals of marriage from the Bible - a relationship of a man and a woman blessed by God.

The christian life is a free choice

For us there is no room in the christian faith to force our views on anyone else. People are free to choose whether to follow Jesus or not. If they choose not to then how their live their lives is of no concern to us.

When Jesus sent out His disciples to the towns of Galilee, He did not say to preach of His coming and force everyone to line the streets and bow down in worship to Him. His instruction was simple. Go and tell of Him and if people do not accept their good news then they are to brush the sand from their sandals and move on.

There was nothing about force and staying and making laws and regulations. Our job as a christian church and ministry to to offer a different way to live and to speak of the good news of Jesus.

In the past, the church and well-meaning people have caused a great deal of pain and suffering on non-believers by forcing their beliefs on people through laws. Salvation comes from choosing to follow Jesus.

No 'brownie points' in Heaven for forced behaviours

There will be no 'brownie points' for Christians in Heaven who puff out their chest with pride and say they forced thousands of people to suffer in silence and misery because they banned x, y or z. Salvation comes from willing submission to God and acceptance of the gift of Jesus Christ, not a rule book.

Defending our faith against attack is important.  Jesus warned us because of our faith we will be attacked and victimised. Paul tells us to always have an argument to defend our faith. But having an argument to defend our faith is totally different to being discriminatory against people who have chosen differently.

Our job is not to change the world and the path the world wants to go on. Our task is to offer an alternative way of living, one that is in line with God and one that people want to willingly accept.

Joseph leads the way

For us, Joseph is a great example on how we should approach our dealings with the world. Joseph was loyal to Egypt and worked hard and honestly for the Pharaoh. He become the second most important person in Egypt, a state that worshipped many gods. But Joseph remained loyal to God despite threats against him, and at the same time remained loyal to Pharaoh.

This is a great example for our lives today. We must treat everyone with respect, honesty and dignity. We accept everyone equally and without any discrimination or victimisation. But, we ultimately remain loyal to Jesus. As it was with Joseph so it should be the same with us. The Word of God is the only choice we can accept as christians.


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