Raising Noise Patron

Patrons are an essential part of the Raising Noise ministry, through your regular donations we are able to provide support to young Christians just starting out in music ministry.

With regular support we are able to plan for the future and expand the ministry to reach out to children and young teens. Music is central to the lives of tweens and teens; this love can be the perfect way to reach them with the gospel and love of Jesus.

Your support allows us to do many things. We can run music workshops and lessons using great quality and contemporary Christian music as the vehicle. We can also support young Christian musicians and help them become peer-group leaders and influencers.

You continued support as a patron of our Christina performing arts centre allows us to make grants to help Youtubers develop their channels and produce Christian music videos. We can help them with equipment or training to improve their skills.

We live in changing times and ways in which tweens and teen communicate is changing but while technology changes the love of music and dance remains. We want to help fund and develop key influencers in this new technology to reach out to their peer group. You support can help make this happen.

Our support reaches out across all denominations of the Christian faith, our view is that we are a diverse family but each person, no matter what church they go to, have at their heart the love of Jesus, this is what brings us together.

We have some great plans for the future once we have our own building and a secure base from which to operate from. We want you to join us on this exciting journey by becoming a patron. You can help support the ministry from as little as £1.50 per month.

We are told in the Bible to build up treasures in Heaven and what better way to build up those treasures than to be part of a ministry that is bringing children and young teens into a relationship with Christ and a love for God.

You can find the Raising Noise Patron form on the side of the page. The repeat donations are managed by Paypal and you can cancel the subscription at any time by either contacting us or cancelling the payment in your Paypal account. Go to Profile > My Money > My Pre-Approved Payments to cancel.