Performing Arts Centre Appeal


Performing Arts Centre for children in Newport, South Wales 

With your help we can move out of our converted garage into a new performing arts centre allowing us to greatly increase our reach to young people with the gospel. We will be able to move from our house church youth group to one that can reach out to many more young people to encourage them in their spiritual growth.

Our £2 million appeal will provide high quality music teaching, voice coaching and stagecraft for children and young teens who want to have a career in music, drama and performing arts.

Christian recording studio

It’s not just stagecraft and music workshops we aim to offer. On site will be a sound recording studio and editing suite as well as music video recording and editing facilities and support. Together with the facilities to record high-quality worship and praise songs the centre will have a DVD printing a distribution service in our print shop. 

This will allow young christian performers to have a one-stop facility to record DVD’s and Cd’s with professional disc production and marketing facilities. 

While our aim is to encourage and support independent artists we also aim to provide additional support and help with young artists getting their Cd’s and DVD’s distributed both online and though normal record channels.

newport performing arts centreDrop in singing and drama lessons

Music is such an important part of the life of today’s tweens and young teenagers – it probably always has been. Using Christian music our aim is to reach out to and involve young people in a Jesus-centred life. 

With this in mind we aim to offer drop in lesson sessions for singing, dance, drama and basic music lessons for local young people. But the facility will not just be for local youth. We will offer workshops and course open to anyone who wants to attend.

Our Youtube Creator workshops have be taken by young people from across South Wales and South-West England. Our aim is to make the performing arts centre a regional centre of excellence for youth training in performing arts and new media technology.

Off stage training for young people interested in performing arts

We know not every young person interested in the arts want to be centre stage which is why there will be sessions and opportunities for young people to discover and learn about the technical side of performances. From sound and video editing through to lighting and stage props there are so many roles and tasks involved in putting together a show or music video.

We want to offer young people to learn these essential skills.  Our policy will be very much to get young people involved as much as possible in all areas of production and performance with adults offering guidance and support.

Ages of attendees

Our performing arts centre will be a safe and open place for young people between 9 and 16 to relax and enjoy high-quality Christian music and dance. They will be able to learn new instruments and new skills with which to celebrate their Christian life and to also make friends and fellowship with other young believers – and those seeking a meaning to their life.

Your help in building the performing arts centre impacts not just this generation but the next. You are planting a seed into a young person who will develop into the leaders and influencers of tomorrow. Your gift provides encouragement to young girls and boys and sets in place a confidence in the next generation and establishes a foundation for Christian music in the UK.

Band practice rooms in Newport, South Wales

One of the biggest challenges for young musicians is finding practice space where they can learn and improve their skills without disturbing other family or neighbours. Our new music, dance and drama centre will have a main performance area as well as practice rooms, all soundproofed to deal with any noise issues.

Practise really does make perfect and we want to ensure our students and members have the ability to improve their skills at every opportunity.

christian performing arts centreSmall band venue in South Wales

The main hall of the centre will be a venue for small and new bands to perform. With a main stage and quality lighting and sound rig the main hall will have an audience capacity of approx 300.

This will allow us to put on regular christian based music and drama events as a showcase for new, young christian talent. The main room will also double up as a venue for christian youth and children conferences and workshops to help distribute best practice in using music and performing arts to encourage and support the christian faith in young people.

Sunday night church in Newport

The main hall will also become the base for our Sunday evening worship based church. Aimed at younger christians the evening will be our main public meeting where the centre is open to the public of all ages to come and worship Jesus with modern and upbeat christian music. 

In between worship sessions there will be short ‘TED’ like talks on christian themed issues and bible studies.

Other church meetings will be held in the main hall including prayer nights and festive celebrations. Our school holiday Vacation Bible School (VBS) programmme aimed at younger children will also be held in the main hall.

Christian print shop and gift shop in Newport, South Wales

Fundraising for the ongoing running costs of our performing arts centre is going to be essential once we open. Our estimated annual running costs if we run the projects and programmes we aim to do will be in excess of £150,000 each year.

We don’t expect to raise this level of funding through fundraising each year as it would not be sustainable or allow us to plan over the long term. Trading is going to be an essential part of meeting the needs of our operating costs. Some of the finance will be met by hiring out rooms, studios and running concerts etc. But a large part of our running costs will be met through our print and gift shop.

Quality christian resources

Our trading on Amazon and is currently contributing towards our appeal fund and once the building is purchased the first project will be to get our print-shop open to continue to raise funds to the ongoing development and operating costs.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Currently our print shop is in a small space of a workshop which has been loaned to us by one of our supporters. For this we are really grateful as it means we have no rent to pay. However the space we have limits what we can do. We have very limited space for storing stock. 

The new print shop will enable us to buy in professional large scale printers, ovens and heat presses and allow us to extend our range and increase our profits.

Finally the building will contain office space for our staff and volunteers to work from and storage for equipment.

Changing lives of children and young people with christian music, drama and dance

Through contemporary Christian music and dance we are able to reach into the lives of young teens and tweens making a Christian lifestyle relevant and enjoyable. The foundations laid down in the life of a young person during those formative adolescent years will stay with them for a lifetime.

Through music and drama we aim to build into young people a solid and confident faith that will see them through a time of their lives which can be confusing and frightening. The centre aims to be more than just a place to come and sing or perform. It will be a vehicle through which young people learn resilience, build long-term fellowship with other believers and prepare for a lifetime of worship and praise of Jesus.

Your gift today can help to bring this unique and ground-breaking centre to fruition.  Whether you want to make a one-off donation or make a monthly contribution to our appeal we thank you for your help.