Performing Arts Centre Appeal


Help support young Christian artists in the UK

Help us to build a performing arts centre and recording studio to support new Christian artists in the UK. Your help and donation could help to expand the Christian music scene in the UK and support young people as they develop their worship leadership skills.

Our aim is to open a centre that will provide opportunities for bands, singers and other young Christian performers to learn their stagecraft and gain experience in performing to the public.

Music is such an important part of the life of today’s tweens and young teenagers – it probably always has been. Using Christian music our aim is to reach out to and involve young people in a Jesus-centred life.

Our performing arts centre will be a safe and open place for young people between 10 and 16 to relax and enjoy high-quality Christian music and dance. They will be able to learn new instruments and new skills with which to celebrate the Christian life and to also make friends and fellowship with other young believers – and those seeking a meaning to their life.

Your help in building the performing arts centre impacts not just this generation but the next. You are planting a seed in to a young person who will develop into the leaders and influencers of tomorrow. Your gift provides encouragement to young girls and boys and sets in place a confidence in the next generation and establishes a foundation for Christian music in the UK.

Through contemporary Christian music and dance we are able to reach into the lives of young teens and tweens making a Christian lifestyle relevant and enjoyable. The foundations laid down in the life of a young person during those formative adolescent years will stay with them for a lifetime.

Our performing arts centre building with be centred on the main hall or auditorium where we will be able to hone stage skills and put on music based outreach events and concerts for young people. This will be a high-quality open social space where we will also be able to hold a range of events such as our vacation bible school during holiday times together with youth church services and bible based children’s events and meetings on the evenings.

The main hall will also be equipped with video broadcast and recording technology including green screen space to provide support to young Christian musicians and artists in producing videos for social media sites such as YouTube.

The centre will also offer a recording studio for young Christian performers to record quality sound tracks and offer facilities for self-published cd’s and mp3 distribution.

Training and rehearsal rooms will also be included within the building to allow us to offer workshops and lesson to young people and also to put on training events and conferences for Christian youth leaders on how to use music and dance as outreach to and development of young Christians.

The building will also house our design studio and print shop. Our print shops provides us with a regular income to help meet the bills. Currently we are generously housed in part of a workshop owned by one of our supporters free of charge. However space is very limited both for stock and equipment. Once we have our building we can expand the print-shop and offer a greater range of products including Christian themed t-shirts and other clothing. We will also be able to invest in large format printers and presses to do much larger print jobs than we do at the moment.

We also aim to have a welcoming foyer and reception area where we can display our range of bible inspired products for sale. It will also showcase our work to our commercial customers that we undertake print work for. Our aim is for the foyer area to have sufficient space to include a light refreshment area for relaxed socialising for young people and families visiting the performing arts centre.

Finally the building will contain office space for our staff and volunteers to work from and storage for equipment.

Through music and drama we aim to build into young people a solid and confident faith that will see them through a time of their lives which can be confusing and frightening. The centre aims to be more than just a place to come and sing or perform. It is a vehicle through which young people learn resilience, build long-term fellowship with other believers and prepare for a lifetime of worship and praise of Jesus.

Your gift today can help to bring this unique and ground-breaking centre to fruition. As the bible tells us, build up treasures in heaven and what better way to build a treasure in heaven than to bring a child to salvation and encourage them in their faith.