Each year we have a small number of grants totally approximately £3,000 to give to young people to help them develop their social media channels. These small grants can be used towards the purchase of equipment or towards the cost of a music video production.

Over 80% of 12 -16 year olds regularly watch Youtube, they spend more time on Youtube now than watching normal TV. For us, this is a great opportunity to help support social media video content creators. We love to support the production of christian music videos. Whether that is in the form of equipment or helping towards expenses we hope our grants can help you with your channel

Youtuber Grants

What you want spend the money on is flexible. You just need to explain how it will help you to either;

  • develop you christian music skills,
  • help develop your social media channel.

We can not help everyone and money is limited – we have at most £3,000 per year budget – but where we can help we will. To apply just fill in the form below and if we need more details we will contact you.

Be aware that it is highly unlikely that the first grant we can offer to you will be more than £100. As we get to know your content and how you put our grant to use we will be happy to increase the amount overtime in future help. At the most we will only fund 50% of a project or £500 whichever is greatest. All grants are paid via a Paypal account.


I’m not in the UK can I still apply?

Yes. We no longer have a geographical restriction on our grants. As long as Paypal operates in your country and you have a verified Paypal account you can apply. It may take a little longer to consider your application as it can take longer to do our ID checks.

I’m a christian but want help with a normal secular music video, will you help?

No. Our grants are to help promote christian music and performing arts in a positive way to an online audience. This means we do not provide help with secular or non-christian productions.

I’m part of a band and some members are older than 16, can you help?

Yes. We can help bands who have some older members. As long as 50% of the band is aged 16 or under then you can apply.

Do I need to be part of a particular church denomination to apply?

No. We are happy to accept grant applications from any Jesus-centred christian faith group.

Do I need to go to church to apply?

No. We know that the house church movement is growing rapidly in the UK and that many young people maintain their faith in Christ but do not go to a formal church. As long as your project is christian based and your channel has an established history of publishing positive christian content then please apply.

Do I need to have a certain number of subscribers or followers to my channel?

No. One of the things we want to do is help smaller channel improve their quality and gain members. We prefer to look at smaller channels. It’s the content rather than the number of subscribers that we are interested in supporting.

Do I need to acknowledge your grant in my videos?

No. We do not look to receiving acknowledgement of support.

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