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Send a word of encouragement with our free email cards displaying bible verses

Send encouraging words of support with our free ecards. Choose from a growing range of bible verse art and designs to attach to your email to family, friends and colleagues. THese ecards of faith help you to send messages of support and encouragement to people you know.

Our free christian ecards and messaging service help us to spread the word about our youth worship ministry and our aims to provide a cutting-edge digital media centre in the UK to help young people be trained and equipped to be online ambassadors for Christ.

If you'de like to help us you can either donate or visit our online christian gift shop.


Our eCards are free to use and help to support our Raising Noise Youth Worship Ministry.

Send an encouraging card to someone you know. It helps to get the word out about what we do. We aim to raise the funds to open a performing arts centre and recording studio. This will help train and encourage young people to become 'peer ambassadors' in the digital world.

Through donations and our online christian gift shop, we are getting closer every day to completing the ministry that God has entrusted us with.

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