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christian performing arts centre

Christian performing arts centre

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Christian music school


You can help encourage and support a new generation to become passionate about Christ. Through music, drama and dance a new outpouring of the Spirit is happening.

Through online social channels, tweens and teens are not just discovering Christ but are reaching out with music to their friends and followers. It may be a different digital based world but the same questions about faith are being asked.

We need you to help us provide a centre to train, equip and mentor this new generation of evangelists and leaders.

Mentoring a new generation of leaders

Young christians have passion, enthusiasm and energy. With your help, we can mentor talented young people to become the leaders of the future.

When we invest in people we prepare the way for a new generation. The earlier we invest and train young leaders the more effective they become. We live in a new digital world, it's a world that tweens and teens are at home in. We need to provide them with the resources they need to take Jesus into the places they now frequent.

Your help and donation will help young people reach out to their followers and subscribers with the gospel.

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Details of Project


New performing arts centre in South Wales

We've chosen Newport in South Wales as our preferred location because property prices are still relatively affordable compared to most of the UK. It also has good transport links. We are still flexible on the location if the right property becomes available at an affordable price.

The centre will have a main performance and practice area. We hope to be able to hold small concerts and conferences in the building. In addition to the main room, there will be:

  • a small cafe and catering facility for users of the building
  • a couple of training rooms so we can hold workshops
  • a main office area
  • a small foyer with shop
  • a print facility to restart our print shop we had to close
  • a recording studio

We expect that the facility will be self-funding once it is opened with a large part of the finance coming from our growing print operation.

Recording Studio

A major part of the performing arts centre will be the recording studio. Consequently, this will give a chance to young christians to develop and improve their recordings. Not only will it be set up for cutting DVD's, we will also be training young christians to release their music through online services. For example, their professionally produced music can be released through Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.
The recording studio will help to nurture new christian talent. But it will also provide training opportunities for those interested in the music industry but behind the scenes.
Currently there is no structured path into the christian music industry in the UK. We want our facility to start to turn that around.

Gig location

The centre will offer a gig venue for breakout christian bands and musicians. With a capacity of about 300, the venue will offer the chance for smaller conferences and shows. There are few suitable venues for christian bands just starting out. Without the experience of live performances in the early days, it can be difficult for christian artists to grow.
In the US the university and college system is open to hosting christian bands in their halls. This is not so easy in the UK for christian bands. This limits the venues open to them. Many churches don't offer their buildings to host christian bands, especially newer bands. Many churches just are not suitable for hosting bands.
Our performance centre will aim to promote and encourage new christian bands to play and build up a fan base.

Christian Print Shop

The print shop will be a valuable source of income for the day-to-day running of the project. Sadly we had to recently move out of the workshop area that was loaned to us. This was because the company who lent us space was growing and needed the space.
Most of our work is now outsourced rather than produced in-house. Obviously, this means our profit margins in our christian gift shop have now dwindled and a lot of things we used to sell can no longer be produced. Once we open our centre we will have space to again start our christian print shop and gifts.
Meanwhile you can still buy a limited range of gifts from us or visit our christian clothing store at Zazzle.

Donate to the Aylward Centre

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Donation Total: £50.00


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