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Encourage a new Jesus generation

You can help encourage and support a new generation to become passionate about Christ. Through music, drama and dance a new outpouring of the Spirit is happening.

With online social channels, tweens and teens are not just discovering Christ but are reaching out with music to their friends and followers. It may be a different digital based world but the same questions about faith are being asked.

We need you to help us provide a centre to train, equip and mentor this new generation of evangelists and leaders. Recently, we have purchased a building. We are now developing this building into a christian media and performing arts centre. The centre will be called the Aylward Centre after christian missionary Gladys Aylward.

Mentoring a new generation of leaders

Young Christians have passion, enthusiasm and energy. With your help, we can mentor talented young people to become the leaders of the future.

When we invest in people we prepare the way for a new generation. The earlier we invest and train young leaders the more effective they become. We live in a new digital world, it's a world that tweens and teens are at home in. We need to provide them with the resources they need to take Jesus into the places they now frequent.

Your help and donation will help young people reach out to their followers and subscribers with the gospel.

Details of Project

New performing arts centre in South Wales

performing arts centre, Newport, Wales

Our new christian centre is to be developed in Gwent to cover the South Wales region. In particular, we want to reach out to the communities of Newport, Cwmbran and Pontypool. We also hope to attract young people from further afield to use our facilities. With great travel links we hope to reach young people in Cardiff, Bristol and Abergavenny.

The new church will offer a wide range of resources to support children and young people. As a church with our focus on the next generation we will be offering;

      • main hall that can be used for gigs, conferences and church services
      • dance studios, the main hall will have a foldable wall to split the room into 2 dance studios
      • music recording studios
      • live streaming media broadcast lounge
      • visual and sound editing facilities
      • video studio and equipment
      • part-time christian school and home education study centre
      • training rooms
      • cafe and gift shop
      • print shop

Once the development of the building is complete we expect that the building will become self-financing. When the facilities are not being used by the ministry they will be available for hire. The re-opening of our christian print shop will also provide an income to maintain the centre.

Gwent dance school walesMain hall

The main hall will be the focus of our operation. It will be the home for our church services. In addition, it will also allow local christian bands to have concerts and gigs at an affordable rate. The main hall can also be split into 2 areas with a folding wall. This wall allows the main hall to be changed into 2 dance studios. Each dance studio will have a mirrored feature wall.

When not being used by the church and ministry the hall and dance studios will be available to rent to the local community.

Music studios

The centre will have a music recording studio with 2 booths and a control room. This will give young christian musicians the chance to produce professional level recording of christian music. We will provide help and support for these artists to get their music published and distributed to streaming services such as Spotify.

The music studio will also work with the print shop to provide commercial CD and DVD cutting and labeling services. This will let the young Christians have physical media to sell. Supporting the next generaton of christian musicians and performers is at the heart of our mission.

Live streaming broadcast lounge

Some of the most popular live streams across the social media platforms are live acoustic based concerts. With this in mind the centre will have a dedicated space for live streaming of musicians and artists. This braodcast lounge will be have light, sound and video set up together with a main mixer desk. The desk will have the ability to send live streams to multiple social media platforms. As the centre will have a fibre-optic connection to the internet the streams will be buffer free and at HD quality.

Live stream can be a great way for young musicians to reach out and showcase their talents. When not being used by the ministry the facility will be available for hire.

Video studio and equipment

To support Christian Youtubers and vloggers the centre will have a small video studio. This will be equipped with a green screen to allow different backdrops to be added to the video later. The video, sound and lighting equipment in the studio will be portable. This will allow for outside productions to take place.

The equipment will also form part of a technical media library than can be hired when not being used by the ministry.

Christian school and study centre

Home education has been a core feature of the house church since we set up in 2015. This will continue as we open the new centre. We also aim to expand on just encouraging and supporting home schooling.

We aim to provide a more structured and supervised christian school option for part-time study. We want to provide up to 18 hours of lessons each week. When the school does not operate the class room will be provided for use as a home school study centre. Christian home-schoolers will be able to drop-in and so unsupervised or parent-supervised study and networking.

The christian school will use christian music and dance as a vehicle for teaching STEM subjects. Our current Lego coding and robotics club will be included within the lesson plan also.


Time together, building the fellowship and friendships within the church, has been central to the house church. This importance of spending time together will continue when the new building opens. There will be a cafe and lounge area for people to call in and relax.

Social events can help build resilience within a church. It gives the chance for people to meet together and support each other. The cafe area will be central to our social activities.


Donate to the Aylward Centre

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Donation Total: £25.00

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