house church newport


Bible based house church in Newport, South Wales

house church newport

Raising Noise is a youth worship outreach ministry of a house church based in Newport, South Wales. Our heart is to help young christian musicians between the ages of 9 and 16 to develop their music skills and to prepare for leadership.

As a house church, our meetings are not open to the public. This is for the safety and privacy of people whose homes that we meet in and also for space reasons. We have recently purchased a building and it is currently being developed. Once complete the house church will be based in the new building.

Group ministry of house church

Our house church is a group ministry, by that we means there is no one leader of the church. Each of the church members play a role in the operation of the pastoral ministry of the church. There is a group of elders who undertake the day-to-day operational and policy of the church. These elders are voted into position every three years by full members of the church.

Full voting membership of the church requires a degree of maturity of faith, submission to the Word of God and tithing into the church. Applications for full membership into the church is dependent on being voted in by current members. Membership allows you voting rights for elder elections. It also allows you to become part on ministry management teams. It also allows you to take part in pastoral care and lead teaching sessions.

We believe that tithing is an important sign of submission to God. As a church we tithe 10% of our income to other ministries. The current tithe goes to a church mission in Greece feeding and housing refugees from Syria. The remaining 90% is spent on developing the church and supporting our work with young people. We take from the bible that tithes should be set aside in order to be used to celebrate God's love. We do this celebration by providing support, encouragement and teaching to the next generation of followers.

Early beginnings

Raising Noise was initially set up in 2014 in order to help young Youtubers develop their channels and skills. In 2015 the house church was formed and Raising Noise was integrated into the church as one of its missions.

The house church was formed from a number of people from other churches. They felt that the church was not developing the spiritual growth of children and youth enough. Many of their previous churches had youth clubs but they were very secular and did little to inspire young people to develop as Christians.

The heart of the house church is the development of next generation Christians. The style of the church is to encourage young people to explore and develop their faith in Christ. Our teachings are on the more traditional message of the Bible.

We believe that as a church we are here to offer an alternative way of living. One based on the teachings of the Bible. We do not agree with a lot of current thoughts in the established church that it needs to change its teaching to be more relevant to modern, secular society.

As a house church we are big supporters of home schooling for christian children. Most of the families involved in the church do home education of their children. We believe that state schooling and its teachings are a major cause of mental health problems in children and young people. Home schooling provides a more supportive and positive education experience compared to state school system.

Our own building was needed

For the first 2 years of the church we undertook performing arts out reach programmes by hiring rooms. Unfortunately the costs soon mounted up and we began to pray over the future of the ministry. In the final months of 2016 it became clear that not having a building of our own was a major detriment to our work.

In November 2016 we decided to prioritise our spending on saving for our own building. This would become home to the church. It would also enable us to restart our outreach programme using performing arts as our evangelism tool.

In August 2019 we reached a level of funding that gave us confidence to submit a bid on an old building to develop into our home. In October 2019 we took possession of the building. Our aim is to have the building opened by the start of the school term in 2020.

The new building is to be callled the Aylward Centre after the missionary Gladys Aylward. The centre will be home to a range of facilities and will greatly enable us to expand our work in the Newport and South Wales region.

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