join our christian co-housing project

We now have 22 confirmed members for the housing co-op. We are now only taking on applicants to join the waiting list should any of the current members drop out.

We plan to have 3 stages for our proposed Co-housing co-op. We are currently in the first stage – getting expressions of interest.

Once we have enough people interested in the housing project we will move to the second stage which is setting up an unincorporated voluntary group. This will enable us to open a bank account and to begin applying for funds to move the project forward. At this stage, we will meet up and elect officers for various posts to govern the running of the group.

Once the formal group has been set up people will be able to join. There will be a membership fee of £10 per household per month. This is to ensure that those who join are serious about becoming involved in the project and will enable us to have a more confident knowledge of the types of buildings we need and the amount of land required.

The membership fee will go towards the expenses of the group and in particular towards the legal fees and registration fees of the co-housing co-op. The model we will be using will be a fully mutual par value co-op. Currently, this will cost just over £1,000 in fees to set up.

Once the financing is in place we will move to stage 3 which is the formation of the co-housing co-op. At this stage, we will be able to begin the purchase of land and property. We will also be able to apply for any funding that is available from statutory funding and also prepare for the issuing of loan bonds.

If you’d like to join the waiting list for any member vacancies please use the form below.

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