Are you looking for a different way to live?

Our christian faith based co-housing co-op could be the answer for you. We hope to build a community of 20 households living together in a low impact way. With highly energy efficient affordable homes for rent and a strong sense of community, our aim is to provide a different way of living.

Our community aims to have a mix of 20 homes ranging from 1 bedroom through to 4 bedroom houses. The homes will be built and owned by a membership co-operative company. Homes will be rented to members at an affordable rent. Our aim is to have rents at Local Housing Allowance levels. Each home tenant will have a share in the co-op and will be able to vote on the way the co-op is managed.

Co-housing in South Wales

The community will be run on co-housing principles. Co-housing is not a commune, monastery or supported housing! No-one will be watching over you. Co-housing just means that the estate is built to encourage community well-being. So, for instance, the following will be part of our co-housing co-op:

  • Each home will have a small personal patio area but the bulk of grounds will be open to the community. The main green space will be community as will any play area. There will also be community allotments etc
  • Central to the community is the community house or building. This will have a kitchen and coffee bar area together with a community lounge for relaxation. There may also be a study area for home-schooled children to meet and study together or an after-school homework facilities. There will also be a community laundry room, bike storage area, and workshop.
  • Work-parties made up of residents help to keep the homes and grounds maintained and everyone will be expected to play a part in at least one of the work parties as a contribution to the community.
  • to build the community and guide its direction there will be a community meal twice a month. Purely voluntary attendance these are an informal event where residents can meet to discuss issues.

Our co-housing co-operative is non-denominational and any member of the christian faith can apply to join and be part of this new community. This means your neighbour could be methodist, anglican, mormon or other denomination. There is no requirement for you to belong to a particular church group.

Our community aims to bring together people with similar thoughts and lifestyle, it's aim is not to be a religious community.

South Wales co-housing co-op

Once established and we know how large the site we need for our housing needs we will be looking for a site in the South Monmouthshire, Gwent or Newport areas.  If you are looking for affordable rented homes in this area and want to be part of our community you can keep up to date by visiting this page on a regular basis.

What is co-housing?


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