Closed: Sports First Aid Training Provider

We are currently looking for sports first aid training provider to help us ensure a safe environment for our youth work.

Our church youth ministry does a lot of active sports and other activities. From weekends away climbing and canoeing to weekly dance sessions.

We want to ensure that our youth have the skills available to treat themselves and their friends if injuries happen. We also, obviously, need to ensure our adults and supervisors are suitably qualified to administer first aid in case of problems.

We need to find a supplier who can provide both in-house and off-site first aid training.

Youth First Aid Course

We need someone to deliver in-house training twice a year. It will need to provide certification suitable for basic sports and fitness environments and be recognised by a relevant body such as Qualifications Wales.

Each group will consist of between 12 and 16 young people aged between 10 and 15 years old. We envisage splitting this into 2 courses with 1 group aged 10 -12 and the other 12 -15. 

Obviously, we are happy to take the lead from our future trainer as to how best to deliver the course.

This training should be suitable for young people and cover the basics of first aid with additional concentration on soft muscle injuries and sprains etc. Most of our current injuries come from our dance lessons. We would expect this training to be completed in a 1-day session or 2 half-days.

Senior and Adult First Aid Course

We need someone to provide training and refresher course for our senior youth (aged 16 and over) together with adults to a more advanced level. It should also be a recognised qualification by an industry body.

This can either be arranged to take place at our site or we are happy to go to an off-site training facility. Our preference would be to run a course each year in-house for both first time training and refresher training. Again we are happy to take the lead from our future trainer as to the best way to arrange this training.

Training needs to cover the basics of first aid with a particular focus on soft muscle injuries. We also undertake a lot of canoeing and cycling trips. As such the additional training should cover injuries that can occur while undertaking these activities.

We would expect this training to be undertaken over a 2-day session or 4 half-days.

Training to take place just outside Newport, South Wales.

Please use the form below to send us details and costs involved.

Freelance Site Manager

We are currently looking for a freelance site manager or agent to run the day-to-day development of our performing arts centre.

Please find the relevant details below. If you are interested please use the contact form below to send us your details, portfolio and CV.

Position: Site Manager

Terms: 12-month self-employed contract.  10 months build and 2 months snag.

Payment: £40,000 plus 10% bonus for on-time and on-budget delivery.

Project budget: £750,000

Projected start date: November 2019

Closing date: September 2019

Project outline:

We will be taking possession of the building mid-October in a completely stripped out state. We aim to be open by the start of the school term in September 2020.


  • rewire,
  • install heating,
  • development of 2 x music studio booths
  • development of a media editing suite.

Ground floor:

  • rewire,
  • install heating,
  • refloor,
  • replaster
  • redevelopment of function room into the main performance area and dance studio
  •  development of home school study room 
  • development of print and design studio
  • development of open plan reception area, coffee bar and video performance studio for live streaming to our social channels
  • development of 2 x training rooms
  • development of changing rooms and facilities
  • update of toilet facilities

First floor:

  • Redevelopment of 4 bedroom manager flat into 2 x 2 bedroom flats.
  • Redevelopment of 4 letting rooms into an open-plan staff office


  • Installation of ground source heat pump heating
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Lighting replacement to LED fitments
  • Resurfacing of car park
  • Repairs to roof


  • Excellent site safety record
  • Experience and knowledge of regulations concerning public buildings such as theatres
  • Membership of professional body
  • Good knowledge of media and IT installations
  • Be aware of the risks of modern slavery in the construction industry


  • Health and safety on site
  • Organising deliveries of supplies
  • Overseeing and managing on-site contractors
  • Quality control checks
  • Liaising with officials and regulators such as local fire service and council
  • Working with the management team on sourcing supplies and equipment
  • Organising schedule of works to maximise efficient use of contractors
  • Ensure all contractors are qualified and insured for their tasks, ensure all are well treated and safety trained and equipped
  • Ensure all waste is disposed of legally and where possible recycled or reused
  • Ensure all permits and licences are applied for and received
  • Providing a weekly report to the management team on the progress of the project
  • Support management team with potential site visits by our major funders


Upload files if needed:

File 01 (pdf or jpg, max size 1mb)

File 02 (pdf or jpg, max size 1mb)

File 03 (pdf or jpg, max size 1mb)

Closed – Community Arts Apprenticeship

Closing date: August 20th 2019

We currently have a vacancy for an apprentice at our performing arts ministry. At the moment we have funding in place for this to be a 2 year apprenticeship. We are actively seeking additional funding to turn this into a 3 year advanced apprenticeship.

At the end of the apprenticeship you will be qualified to be a Community Arts Assistant Administrator. If the 3 year apprenticeship is completed you will be qualified to be a Community Arts Administrator.

The apprenticeship will follow the Community Arts (England) Apprenticeship Framework. The major qualifications you will gain during the apprenticeship will be:

2 year apprenticeship:

Competence qualifications available to this pathway:
C1 – Level 2 Certificate in Community Arts Administration

Knowledge qualifications available to this pathway:
K1 – SFEDI Level 2 Certificate in Preparing and Delivering a Sustainable Social Enterprise Activity (QCF)
K2 – Level 2 Award In Principles of the Creative and Cultural Sector (QCF)
K3 – TCL Level 2 Award in the Arts (QCF)

3 year apprenticeship:

Competence qualifications available to this pathway:
C1 – Level 3 Diploma in Community Arts Management

Knowledge qualifications available to this pathway:
K1 – Level 3 Certificate in Principles of the Creative and Cultural Sector
K2 – Level 3 Certificate in the Arts (QCF)

The main employment will be based in Newport, South Wales. But you will also be required to undergo additional training in Bristol. We will provide a rail travel card between Newport and Bristol plus meal allowance for these training sessions.

You will also undertake general vocational qualifications such as First Aid (Sports Coaching), Fire Safety,  and Health and Safety at Work courses.

Requirements for the community arts apprentice position

There is a requirement for this position to be held by an active christian. This is covered under the Equality Act 2010 because the person will be taking part in, or leading, christian faith based services.

The position will be based within a church and christian youth ministry. As part of your role, you will be required to lead christian discussions with our youth. There may also be a need to speak at churches. You will also work with christian bands and artists. There is also a requirement to have a good, working knowledge of the christian music scene in the UK.

The only qualifications you will need will be GCSE level C or above in both English and Math.

Finally, you will also need to show your commitment to performing arts. This can be either in music, dance or drama.  

Role of the community arts apprentice

You will work with our performing arts coordinator and our operations coordinator. This will help you to develop your skills. Some of the roles you will be involved in include:

  • organising room hire for various activities
  • developing a freelance instructor database for our training and performance workshops
  • basic budgeting and fundraising
  • developing marketing and promotional strategies
  • motivating and developing christian youth and projects
  • arranging travel and accommodation for our dance teams entering competitions
  • managing our vehicles, maintenance schedules and insurances
  • working with our freelance instructors so that workshops are fully staffed and equipped

Once the negotiation of our new property (The Aylward Centre) is completed you will also work with our Project Manager. You will help develop our performing arts and recording studio. This could include;

  • researching and costing suitable performing arts equipment
  • helping with liaising between contractors, funders and, additionally, licensing or legal bodies
  • organising delivery windows so that supplies for the next stage of build are on site and ready to use

In addition, you may be required to travel away from home as part of the position. For example, our dance team will be taking part in dance competitions across the UK and Europe. As such, you may be required to accompany them as part of the support team.

Rewards of being our community arts apprentice

Apart from gaining qualifications and experience with an expanding youth performing arts ministry we also offer:

Pay: currently, we pay at the national minimum apprentice wage level for your age plus 20%.

Holidays: we offer the standard 4 weeks holiday plus an additional paid sabbatical week, This you can use to help develop your christian faith. For example, you might choose to use this to go on a short mission or spend a week at a christian music festival. 

Start date: October 2019.


To apply for this position send a covering letter and copy of your C.V to


Note: We may be able to offer a small, rent-free ‘granny flat’ for the duration of the apprenticeship if required. It is a self-contained single studio. You will be responsible for utility bills.


Closed – Freelance Dance Teacher Wanted

Closing Date: Friday 3rd May 2019.

Christian dance was one of the projects our church youth loved. Unfortunately, we had to close it down about 2 years ago. This allowed us to concentrate more on raising funds for our own building. However, these sacrifices have allowed us to increase our funding for the building.

We are getting close to our fundraising target. Finally, we can now invest again in our group activities. As a result, we are looking for an experienced street or interpretive dance instructor and choreographer. You will have experience of working with groups aged between 10 and 16. Lastly, you will have an excellent knowledge of contemporary christian music.

To begin with, the contract will be for 2 x 3-hour sessions per week from June to end of September. We will be hiring a hall in central Newport in South Wales for the group to work from. However, there may be an opportunity to extend this contract depending on the success of the project. 

We have set aside a budget of £25 per hour for our teacher fees. However, for someone with exceptional qualities and experience, we are happy to look again at our budget. At the start, you will be working out of a hired hall. Eventually, you will be working from our new performing arts centre.

Christian dance teacher skill set

You will need the following skills and experience:

  • relevant first aid certificate and knowledge of treating first response on dance injuries such as sprains and muscle injuries.
  • knowledge of health and safety issues for dance lessons and undertaking risk assessments for locations and dance moves
  • good motivational skills and ability to confidently move young people out of their ‘comfort zones’
  • a good eye for talent and ability to choose an ‘elite team’ from members for entry into competitions
  • demonstrable passion for dance and choreography
  • excellent communication skills
  • be well versed in modern contemporary christian music
  • have experience and passion for street dance and/or interpretative dance
  • be able to teach and motivate a wide range of abilities 

Fortunately, our christian church youth are highly motivated, have an excellent work ethic and set themselves high standards. However, they do have a range of abilities. While, some are experienced in gym and dance, others are starting as a beginner with little experience.

We’d love to hear from you if you want to be a part of this exciting new project. Please send a CV and covering letter with details to In addition, any links to video of your choreography would be welcome.

Can you help make our christian dance group competition ready?

Eventually, we’re going to be investing a lot of money into our new centre. The dance group will have an important role in it. We’re looking at entering competitions as a way of expressing our faith out to the public arena. 

We are currently building networks and contacts with dance schools in t =he UK and beyond. These networks are to help with support for the establishment of a competitive dance team. Ultimately, we’d love to find someone who is keen on competitive dance. Someone who will help lead our church kids to success in competitions.

Can you help us meet the challenge with our christian dance project?


Most of the freelance and contract work we offer is in relation to performing arts skills. Once the Aylward Centre is opened we will be looking for people who can teach young christians a variety of music, dance and performing arts skills.

These opportunities will be available for anyone to apply. However we are a conservative christian ministry and will expect anyone taking on our contracts to respect that. If you would like to apply for a vacancy or contract listed here be aware that you will need to sign a code of conduct contract that states you will not undermine our church, ministry position or faith. A breach of this code of conduct agreement will lead to immediate cancellation of any contract and you will be prevented from applying for any further work with us.