Win a £500 Skateboard Training Scholarship

We are so happy to be able to announce the chance to win a skateboard coaching scholarship to young people of South Wales. Skateboarding will feature as a demonstration sport next year in Tokyo. Team GB has one of the brightest stars in skateboarding competing. Sky Brown, at 11, will be one of the youngest […]

homeschool network

Successful home education and christian school drop-in

Last week saw us have our first drop-in session for potential parents who are considering homeschooling. We also promoted our coming part-time christian school with great success. Once our building, The Aylward Centre, is open we will be offering both a christian home-school network facility and also an 18 hour a week part-time school. I […]

Can you see the vision of the new centre?

The contractors are in and now it’s a case of waiting for the work to finish – and raising the last bit of funds. It’s taken a few years but good things come to those who wait and work for it. Before the building was closed off for the work contractors last week I managed […]

performing arts centre newport south wales

Fundraising for capital projects can be a challenge

For the last three years, we’ve been raising funds for our performing arts centre. It has been an interesting time. As we’re not been a charity we’ve had to use some interesting tactics. In the 1990’s I had lots of experience of raising millions of pounds in European grants. But that was through an established […]

christian dance for kids

Christian Dance For Kids

We’re getting close to launching our competition Christian dance crew. It’s the first stage of running a full-on Christian dance company. Our first competition will be a street dance battle in Newport, South Wales in April. Our kids and youth are hard at work sorting out a dance routine, buying dancewear and thinking of make-up. […]

Pray for Britain and Pray for the Government

As a church, we need to be praying tonight and over the next few weeks for the government, the Prime Minister and most of all for the country. It had to happen at some stage, Brexit had to be bought to a close. Today the PM Boris Johnson has done that.  For too long we’ve […]

New school year about to start and compulsory RSE lessons are here

It’s just a few weeks now before children go back to school in England and Wales. For many parents is coming here is going to be their first experience of the new compulsory relationship and sex education lessons in English schools. Wales is currently considering similar legislation which will also come in fairly soon. The […]

Child Gender Reassignment – The Next National Scandal Being Formed?

When you reach the age of 57 you often think there’s nothing left to shock or surprise you. But on a very, very rare occasion, something happens that is so shocking it is verging on the unbelievable. For every generation there comes something that is a national scandal.  In the 60’s we had the scandal […]

church tithing

A tithing church is a successful church

I often get asked if tithing is an essential part of being a christian. The answer is that it does not impact on your salvation and everlasting life in Christ. On the Day of Judgement, Jesus is not going to get out His ledger. He’s not going to see who paid the subscriptions or not. […]

mobile recording studio newport south wales

New Appeal For Mobile Recording Studio

Firstly, I have to say that fundraising for our performing arts centre in Newport, South Wales, remains our top priority. All our time is being dedicated  to getting our new church building purchased and converted. There is no let up in the time or work we are putting into this major capital project. But, as […]

Avril Lavigne’s new single – why the christian hate? Just listen to the lyrics

The ‘christian’ backlash against Avril Lavigne’s new single I Fell in Love with the Devil reminds me of the recent backlash of Good Omens and confusion between Netflix and Amazon Prime. A lot of self-righteous hatred but with no knowledge or understanding of the fact. The simple reality is that if you listen to the […]

Good news that mainstream church to consider becoming a safe space

News that the Church of England is to debate about whether to offer safe spaces to children after school has to be welcomed. What is most surprising though is that this is not already happening. But it shouldn’t be just for helping steer them away from knife crime that churches should be open and welcoming […]

On the hunt for a bus in Newport, South Wales

I am always amazed at the generosity of people who come together to help promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. This weekend I met up with some brothers and sisters in Christ. One was a sound engineer and seller of music studio equipment. On the verge of retirement he was praying about what to do […]

1 in 3 deaths in England and Wales is an aborted baby

It may be Father’s Day but the news that 1 in 3 deaths in England and Wales is now an aborted child should make us remember the value of life. It’s a timely reminder that it takes two to make a new life. To read that last year a record number of abortions was performed […]

New Welsh Curriculum Increases Need For Home Schooling

As a house church we have always positively encouraged home-schooling as an option for christian kids. In fact,  a group of parents who home-schooled their children established the church. Unfortunately, they did not feel their churches at the time offered the support needed and this church was formed.  The new Welsh education curriculum is coming […]

How did the NSPCC get it so wrong with Munroe Bergdorf?

There’s has been an outcry on both sides of the argument with the debacle over Munroe Bergdorf and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). But how did the NSPCC get it so wrong, who made the decision to invite her to be an ambassador and where was the due diligence […]

Why we’re not a charity – and never will be

I’ve been asked a few times recently as to why we are not a registered charity. After all, it makes raising money easier, it’s very tax-friendly and helps to establish our credentials. From a financial point of view, it is, without doubt, a tempting option. We looked very closely at this option when we first […]

Why it’s important for a church to have a building

As a church we’ve spent about 3 years meeting as a house church with no formal home. This has been a wonderful experience but it is not a sustainable solution for any church. We are blessed having a member with a substantial property including outhouses that we’ve converted to youth facilities. But, at the end […]

Just 200 donations away from success

It’s been a long road but we’re now just 200 donations away from success. It will probably be more but when you raise money for a major capital project it is worth splitting it up into manageable chunks. We decided as a church not to approach grant giving bodies for help. This was to ensure […]

An incredible gift for our proposed studio

I always love meeting up for afternoon tea with one of our major supporters. There are some people who just seem to carry the peace of the Spirit with them wherever they go. So it is with Margaret. She has spent over 70 years as a devoted follower of Christ and whenever you are in […]

Last Easter without a home and restarting the dance group.

This should be our last Easter as a house church. We’re well on the way to having our own building and this will mean, as a church, we will have a place to meet. This should be an exciting and productive year for the church and our ministry. One of the best things about closing […]

Plans are back from the architects

I think it’s been about 3 years or so now since we launched our fundraising appeal to build a christian performing arts and digital media centre. There’s been ups and downs but we have finally got plans and designs back from the architects. Things are definitely, finally, progressing. There is still plenty of money to […]

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