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The most important tool in youth evangelism – the church

New research has shown that the church building is one of the most important tools in youth evangelism and this should not be a surprise. I’ve never really been a fan of taking church into schools through holding assemblies or even the types of youth groups many hold. With today’s generation being motivated by experiences […]

Worship Wars talent competition opens June 1st 2017

  Our online talent competition for young Christians opens on June 1st 2017. This is a great opportunity for young Christian performers in the UK to show off their talent and worship skills. The Worship Warriors 2017 competition is open to young singers and musicians aged between 10 and 16 who are based in the United […]

Quick and simple free Paypal donation plugin for WordPress

There are lots of Paypal plugins for WordPress available free from the WordPress repository but none seem to do quite what I wanted for the Raising Noise web site. So it was time to sit down and put together our own plugin to do what we needed. This free plugin is available to download if […]

Clearing out the garage to make some men

It’s another holiday weekend and rather than take time out and put our feet up it’s going to be a weekend of clearing out junk from Janet’s garage. By Monday evening we should have a man-cave ready for our new boys to men programme launching in July. One of the consequences of the decision to […]

Are babies and children sinners?

Are children and babies sinners? This is an important question for us. We are a Christian ministry that aims to reach out to children and young people with the love of Christ and teachings based on the Bible.  Does the Bible support the concept of babies being born as sinners? The concept that we are […]