Kerala Flood Church Restoration Appeal

  The floods in Kerala, India have been devastating for the people who live there. Fortunately, India is a country that is growing in wealth and resources. Its army has moved in to help organise relief efforts and international aid organisations are well versed in providing emergency aid and support.     Obviously, as a […]

Good times as we move along God’s path

There’s been some ups and downs in recent months as we continue along the path to opening up the performing arts centre for young christians. It was always going to be a long-term project so the road was inevitably going to be bumpy. But the secret to success is to remain faithful and teachable. We’ve […]

Music lesson funding cuts opens up opportunities for churches

Another round of cuts during this time of austerity has hit music lessons in schools. The Welsh government has not completely abandoned supporting young musicians; it has given £1 million to the Welsh Arts Council to help purchase instruments and other help for young musicians. Does this increasing pressure on school budgets open up an opportunity […]

Is Doki Doki Literature Club dangerous for children? A parents guide

  You would think from the emergency warning given out by the Senior Coroner and Police (recommend you have ad blocker switched on) that the Doki Doki Literature Club ‘game’ is a real and present danger to our children.  It is, of course, silly season in the press, as it is every Summer, and the mainstream […]

Walt Disney World ends Night of Joy christian music festival

Walt Disney World in Orlando has ended its celebration of christian music which normally happens in early September. Disney has confirmed that last year’s ‘Night of Joy’ featuring TobyMac and Mercy Me was the last of the series which dates back to 1983. The reason for the cancellation of the festival was just changing times […]

Building faith in a digital world

We’re now into third generation users where the internet is concerned and the new generation is completely at ease with the digital world. The early adopters – the first generation – are now now into their 50’s and the second generation are still trying to control a beast. The online world is definitely a different […]

3 newly signed breakout christian artists to watch out for in 2018

Finally things are settling down from the busy Christmas and New Year period. We’re into February and this is the first chance of the year where I’ve been able to sit down and catch up on the latest news in the contemporary christian music genre. A lot has happened over the last 3 or 4 […]

Our Top 10 christian music videos for 2017

  2017 will stand out as a year where there was a wonderful selection of christian music videos published on Youtube. And some of the best was not produced by the big mainstream christian artists. Spend a bit of time on Youtube and you will find a tremendous collection of covers by names you may […]

A child of the Spirit has no fear of the future

She is clothed with strength and dignity and she can laugh without fear for the future. Psalm 31:25 I don’t get to spend a lot of time with the church kids. Sadly, I spend most of my time doing the paperwork, raising funds and currently dealing with Christmas orders in the shop. But when I […]

christian meditation

Preparing for 3 months of christian meditation

October sees the start of our youth programme for christian meditation. Each week for 12 weeks we aim to spend 15 minutes each morning meditating on an essential life verse. By spending 15 minutes each day on 1 verse we hope that our youth will become trained in recognising and submitting to the Holy Spirit […]

Youtuber grants closing at end of week

Applications for our current Youtuber grants programme will close at the end of this week in readiness for our new programme starting in January 2018. We aim to have all decisions on applications completed and paid out by December. As previously announced we are extending our Christian Youtuber Creators grants programme. It will move from […]

The importance of preteen and youth ministry

Preteens, tweens, young people or Generation Z – whatever you call them – are the future of the church and Christian faith. Good role models and excellent teaching is essential if these young people are to grow and remain in the faith. It could be said that the children’s and youth ministry should be calling […]

Should Christians vote against same sex marriage in Australia?

In an interview Brian Houston of Hillsong Church has said that christians should not be part of the ‘silent majority’ in the upcoming referendum on same sex marriage. While there was no explicit statement to vote against the proposal the implication was clear. But is it part of the christian church job to force on […]

church building youth evangelism

The most important tool in youth evangelism – the church

New research has shown that the church building is one of the most important tools in youth evangelism and this should not be a surprise. I’ve never really been a fan of taking church into schools through holding assemblies or even the types of youth groups many hold. With today’s generation being motivated by experiences […]

Clearing out the garage to make some men

It’s another holiday weekend and rather than take time out and put our feet up it’s going to be a weekend of clearing out junk from Janet’s garage. By Monday evening we should have a man-cave ready for our new boys to men programme launching in July. One of the consequences of the decision to […]

Are babies and children sinners?

Are children and babies sinners? This is an important question for us. We are a Christian ministry that aims to reach out to children and young people with the love of Christ and teachings based on the Bible.  Does the Bible support the concept of babies being born as sinners? The concept that we are […]