Raising Noise is a Christian youth ministry based in Newport, South Wales.  It is part of a house church movement that seeks to support our and other youth in their growth in God. We aim to reach out to young people in the 10 to 15 age group in a relevant way. Using music and activities we promote the Word of God and the love of Jesus to a group who are of an age where they are formulating their ideas and choosing the path they want to follow.

Music and a sense of belonging to a peer group is the perfect way to support young people as they grow in Christ and commit their lives to Him in the future.

We value fellowship as a way for young people to support each other in a world that can at times appear insecure and frightening. Through regular fellowship, music and prayer we build a resilient and strong faith in the Word of God and a value of respect for themselves and others.

Through the profits that we make from our Christian gift shop we are able to fund our activities and to reach out and support other young Christians in the UK. We do this outreach through music and our YouTube Creator grants. Young Christian musicians can apply to us for funding to help develop their skills and also to help fund Christian music videos. We are currently gently exploring the option of helping to support young Christian musicians in both the United States and Europe where Christian Youtubers are more established than in the UK while we help to develop young Christian musicians in the UK.

Our own youth worship band undertake concerts and outreach at beach shows, village shows and fairs and other locations.

Our long-term aim is to purchase a building and to convert it into a Christian performing arts centre and community recording studio to help new Christian artists get access to a high quality studio. We also aim to provide a range of workshops and skill development courses for young Christians at this future resource. Currently we hold occasional workshops in YouTube creator skills and also weekly music based outreach for young people. These are held in hired rooms which is not a long-term option and costs money. Once we have our own premises we will be able to substantially expand our activities. We invite you to join us in this exciting adventure by supporting us in a number of ways including purchasing Christian gifts in our shop.