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Support the development of our new christian performing arts cenrte. Its aim is to help young christians develop their skills in stage, music and media. Donate today and help support the next generation of young christian leaders.

Find out more about the development of our new performing arts centre and church.


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10:00 am - 11:30 am
Sunday Morning Service
3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
Worship keyboards lessons
4:30 pm - 5:45 pm
Worship Guitar lessons
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Sunday Evening Service
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Homeschool parents coffee morning

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Raising Noise is the ministry of a house church based in Newport, South Wales. The mission and priority of our church is to teach and support young people in developing their faith in God.

As a mission we teach the traditional values of God's Word using performing arts and music. Members of our house church have teaching the next generation of Christians at their heart. We believe in teaching the traditional values of the Bible in a contemporary fashion. While our methods may be modern our message is not.

We have recently purchased a building. We aim to have this developed and opened towards the end of 2020. It will be the public home to the church and also be a performing arts centre for young Christians.



Music and dance are at the core of the activities of Raising Noise. We love to help to support young people develop their performing arts skills. Our new building will give us the chance to reach out to more children with the Word of God.

The centre will offer a recording studio for young people to produce professional quality music for their social channels and other projects. There will also be a main hall that will allow young christian bands to have a cheap place to have gigs and worship sessions.

Supporting young christian musicians is important to us and we also have a grant fund. We try and offer small financial help to young Christians to help towards the cost of producing videos or other music related costs. Find out more about our grant programme.


New Spirit Children's Choir

New Spirit Children's Choir is going to be one of our major outreach programmes. We hope to get the choir established in 2020. It will be open to any child aged between 7 and 17 to join. The choir will not exclusively feature christian or religious song. It will use positive and encouraging songs to uplift and install confidence.

We hope to appeal to children and young people in Newport and the surrounding area of South Wales. Children who love the big choirs of Youtube such as Once Voice, Rise Up and Vision will have the opportunity to be part of this music genre.

A big part of the ethos of the choir will be team building and increasing confidence. It aims to help children build friendships across different cultural basis. It will be our main non-religious or non-christian project that will allow us to work with the wider community and youth.




Dance is an important part of our ministry. It offers our youth with the chance to express their faith and develop their understanding of the Word of God and love of Jesus. We currently work with a dance choreographer from Bristol and our aim is to develop a team of competitive dancers.

Our dance classes revolve around contemporary christian music and contemporary interpretations of traditional christian music. The styles we teach are mainly street, lyrical and jazz.

Our new centre will have a main hall that can be divided into two dance studios. Each will have a mirrored feature wall. These will be available for hire when the main hall is not in other use.


Home School

As a church we are very supportive of home education. In fact, almost all of the families in the church home school their children. There are lots of different reasons for this. But every family agrees that home education provides a more supportive and encouraging environment than state school.

Our new building will carry on this support for home schooling. It will include a study centre for christian students studying at home.

Our christian home education network for parents will also be moved to the centre. This will give parents the opportunity to discuss and work together, overcoming issues that homeschooling occasionally throws up.


Christian School

A number of parents will be operating a part-time Christian school from the building. The total hours will be 18 hours a week.

School fees from September 2020 will be £900 per term.

The prospectus of the school is being developed but the curriculum will concentrate on the performing arts. Lessons will include:

    • Music including instruments, song-writing and singing
    • Dance
    • Stagecraft
    • Costume and makeup
    • Lighting, sound and video set up
    • Video and sound editing
    • Graphic design and desktop publishing

The curriculum is very much designed for children who are being homeschooled and want a career in the performing and creative arts industry.


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